Project Coordinator

Vladimir Mrljak, DVM, PhD

The project is coordinated by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb (FVM). VetMedZg project will involve personnel from 9 departments and clinics of the FVM. Their engagement to this project will vary depending on the level of their direct contribution to the accomplishment of tasks set in each of the Work Packages and on their position in the project hierarchy.

The coordinator of the project, Full Professor Vladimir Mrljak, PhD, DMV, will provide full support to the ERA Chair Holder to perform the function. Coordinator of the project will do all the functions that will enable the ERA Chair Holder and his team to achieve the project goals and objectives.

Coordinator of the project will also serve as a key person in WP4 and WP7, and coordinate all the activities related to upgrade the research capacity in post-genomic technology at the FVM. He is the former Head of the Clinic for Internal Diseases (2001-2006), and currently main researcher on the research project of the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia. Prof. Mrljak is also member of the international COST project (member of the Management Committee of the COST Action FA 1002: Farm Animal Proteomics). From the earliest days he has shown major interest in research and  professional advance, and has taken active part at numerous veterinary and human medicine meetings, symposia and congresses. His main areas of scientific and professional interest are pathogenesis of babesiosis and other vector-borne diseases, and clinical laboratory diagnostics. Prof. Mrljak is author of more than 60 original research and professional review papers (30 in CC indexed journals) published in eminent international journals and more than 40 congress and symposia papers.