The main objective of this project, submitted to FP7-ERAChairs-Pilot Call-2013 is, under the direction of an outstanding researchers, to upgrade, encourage, develop, and enlarge the capacities for research, and improve research performance in molecular veterinary medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb, to be more successful in obtaining competitive funding, and to enable better integration into ERA. 

The major objectives of the project are:

- To recruit, develop and retain the best researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

- To increase the research potential and skills of researchers in specific field of molecular veterinary medicine under the      direction of an outstanding researchers

- To increase the visibility of the researchers of FVM at international citation database (WoS) 

- To increase the number of articles that FVM researchers will publish in international citation databases under the direction of      an outstanding researchers

- To increase participation of researchers from FVM as coordinators on at least two Horizon 2020 projects

- To establish core facility in proteomics at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

- To upgrade and enlarge the laboratory equipment and research capacities at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and to enable the highest investigations in molecular veterinary medicine

- To improve know-how and experience, and transfer the highest technology and knowledge on researchers of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine under the direction of outstanding researchers and partner research institutions

- To increase the visibility of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

- To increase the participation of researchers from FVM on European projects and to facilitate the inclusion of molecular veterinary science into ERA

- To increase the knowledge on possibilities for the protection of intellectual properties


VetMedZg will improve the status of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb through:

- Attracting outstanding foreign researchers

- Encourage human resources

- Upgrading its existing S&T capacity


VetMedZg will also contribute to regional development through:

- Spreading S&T potential, and competitiveness in the region of Western Balkan

- Reinforcement of the dissemination of knowledge and research results

- Contribution to development of the European Research Area in its entirety.