Proteomics and Epidemiology - completed workshops

Two more international hands-on workshops were held at the ERA Chair project "VetMedZg" at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb, each lasting for three days. The post-genomic era of Molecular Biology: Proteomics ERA II workshop from November 14th to 16th, presented to the interested public the latest achievements in cattle breeding and cattle diseases. During the workshop, the Faculty hosted worldly known experts in cattle diseases and meat analysis, (Dr. André Martinho de Almeida, ULISBOA, Prof. Jean François Hocquette, INRA, Prof. Romana Turk, VEF, Prof. Ingrid Miller, VETMEDUNI VIENNA, Prof. Burim Ametaj, UALBERTA, CANADA, Prof. Nicholas Jonsson, UNI GLASGOW, Prof. Filippa Addis, UNI MILAN, Prof. Mark McLaughlin, UNI GLASGOW, Dr. Isabelle Cassar-Malek, and Dr. Brigitte Picard, INRA), which presented their research on the discovery and use of biomarkers in veterinary science. The workshop included a series of lectures conducted by 9 distinguished foreign lecturers and 6 local VEF researchers, and the lectures preceded the practical experimental work for the participants, which covered the basics of the mass spectrometry (MS) in proteomics, high flow protein analysis, genotyping, database browsing, and introduction to bioinformatic tools used in proteomics and genomics.

The workshop on "Wildlife Medicine - Epidemiology" was held a couple of days later, from 20 to 22 November 2017, and also provided the participants with free sign-ups and hands-on sessions. Interdisciplinary collaboration in epidemiology is increasing in popularity for the purpose of studying the transmission of contagious diseases in humans, whereas it is generally insufficiently used as an approach to the research of the disease epidemic in the wild animal population. Participants of this workshop were therefore given an insight into the differences between the types of data that can be collected on humans and wild animals. Also invited were aknowledged specialists and lecturers (Prof. Tony Sainsbury, ECZM, Dr. Becki Lawson, ECZM, Prof. José Raduán Jáber Mohamad, ECZM, Dr. Rachel Jennings, Prof. Marina Pavlak, Assistant Professor Dean Konjević, ECZM) that introduced the latest advances in wildlife epidemiology using the new omics technology. In the lectures and hands-on part the participants discussed the following topics: Introduction to epidemiology, production of epidemiological research in wild animals, marine mammal epidemiology, animal disease risk control, mathematical models in epidemiology. Participants of both workshops and lecturers expressed great satisfaction with the content and organization of the "VetMedZg" project workshops.


Proteomics and Epidemiology - completed workshops Proteomics and Epidemiology - completed workshops Proteomics and Epidemiology - completed workshops Proteomics and Epidemiology - completed workshops