ANNOUNCEMENT: new project workshop: WILDLIFE

''Wildlife Medicine: Epidemiology''

Date: November 20th-22nd, 2017

Venue: University of Zagreb, The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

*three day hands-on workshop, official language of the workshop is English

Preliminary topics: Introduction to epidemiology, Design of epidemiological research in wildlife, Marine mammal epidemiology, Animal Disease Risk Surveillance, Mathematical Models in Epidemiology

Lecturers: Prof. Tony Sainsbury, Dipl. ECZM, Dr. Becki Lawson, Dipl. ECZM, Prof. José Raduán Jáber Mohamad, Dipl. ECZM, Dr. Rachel Jennings, Dr. Zvonimir Poljak, Prof. Marina Pavlak, Assist. Prof. Dean Konjević, Dipl. ECZM

Estimated group size: up to 20 for hands-on, lectures unlimited

Registration fee: None



ANNOUNCEMENT: new project workshop: WILDLIFE