ANNOUNCEMENT: new project workshop: PROTEOMICS

''Post-genomic era of Molecular Biology: Proteomics ERA II''

Date: 14.-16.. studeni 2017.

Location: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University in Zagreb

*three days hands-on workshop, all content in English language

Preliminary topics: General Omics and Phenotyping, Omics in Veterinary Diseases, Biomarkers in animal development and reproduction, Hands-on topics: Phosphopeptide enrichment, Urine western blot, Bioinformatics, TMT based proteomics

Lecturers: dr. sc. André Martinho de Almeida (ULISBOA), dr. sc. Jean François Hocquette (INRA), prof. dr. sc. Romana Turk (VEF), dr. sc. Ingrid Miller (VETMEDUNI VIENNA), dr. sc.Burim Ametaj (UALBERTA, CANADA), dr. sc. Nichoas Jonsson(UNI GLASGOW), dr. sc. Filippa Addis (UNI MILAN), dr. sc. Mark McLaughlin (UNI GLASGOW), dr. sc. Kim Chow-Chang (NOTTINGHAM UNI), dr. sc. Isabelle Cassar-Malek (INRA) and dr. sc. Brigitte Picard (INRA)

Estimated group size: up to 20 for hands-on, lectures unlimited

Registration fee: none




ANNOUNCEMENT: new project workshop: PROTEOMICS